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  1. 1995 referendum on sovereignty: who really won?
  2. A State project to counter liberalized capital
  3. Act to provide that the English Language shall be the Official Language of the Province of Manitoba
  4. Allocution de René Lévesque prononcée devant les membres de l'Assemblée nationale française, le 2 novembre 1977
  5. Amerindians and Inuit
  6. An Act for granting certain Powers to The British American Land Company
  7. An Act to declare persons of the Jewish Religion entitled to all of the rights and privileges of the other subjects of His Majesty in this Province
  8. An Act to give effect to certain resolutions passed by Imperial Conferences held in the years 1926 and 1930
  9. An Act to regulate the Trade of the Provinces of Lower and Upper-Canada, and for other purposes relating to the said Provinces
  10. Bougainville on the Canadiens
  11. Canadian Constitutional Charter, 1971
  12. Categories:Publication years
  13. Constitutional Accord of 1987 (Meech Lake)
  14. Culture of Québec
  15. Economy of Québec
  16. Esquisse de la vie et de l'époque de l'honorable Louis-Joseph Papineau
  17. Excerpt of L'homme rapaillé by Gaston Miron
  18. For Political and Oil Independence
  19. Forgotten history
  20. From the nation to citizenship
  21. History written by the victor
  22. Indirect Rule
  23. Laurier-Greenway Compromise of 1896
  24. Let us assume the Quebec identity in its complexity
  25. Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Canada
  26. Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec
  27. List of people in the history of Quebec
  28. List of the political adversaries to the emancipation of the people of Quebec
  29. London Resolutions of 1866
  30. Manifesto for a national coalition
  31. Manifesto of the Parti républicain du Québec
  32. Manifesto of the St. John the Baptiste Society of Quebec for a National Convention of French Canadians in Quebec City on June 24, 1880
  33. Nationalism and social movements against market hegemony
  34. Original French quotes
  35. Petition of the Seigneurs of the Lands and the Proprietors of the Fiefs of the District of Montreal, 1767
  36. Plan for a House of Assembly, 1784
  37. Political parties
  38. Range of attitudes toward Québec
  39. Range of attitutes
  40. Regulation 17
  41. Report to the Lords of the Committee for Plantation Affairs, on several papers relative to Ordinances & Constitutions made by the Governor of Quebec
  42. Speech of the Premier of Quebec Mr. Bernard Landry, at the time of the signature of the final agreement between the government of Quebec and the Grand Council of the Crees
  43. Statistics
  44. The 15 resolutions adopted during the 1967 National assizes of the Estates General of French Canada
  45. The 31 resolutions adopted during the 1969 National assizes of the Estates General of French Canada
  46. The Charter of the French language in the Baltic States
  47. The Committee of Correspondence of Boston to the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec
  48. The Union and Nationality
  49. The challenge of diversity
  50. The moral basis of the claim of the Republic of Ireland for official recognition

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