Plan for a House of Assembly, 1784

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Plan for a House of Assembly
Reform Committees of Quebec and Montreal
24 th July 1789

Source: [1], p. 753-754, [2].

We conceive that the House of Assembly ought for the present, to consist of a Number not exceeding 70 Representatives, who ought all to profess the Christian Religion, And Speak and write the English or french languages.[1]

That, to procure that Number, the City of Quebec (being the Capital) and Parish, and the City of Montreal and Parish, between them, elect 13. Members. The City of three Rivers 2. Members. And as there are in the province 120 parishes, that they be divided into Counties and districts according to the Number of Inhabitants, in such manner as each County or district may elect two or four Members.

That the Legislature have the power, on application to them, to erect such parishes as may in future be settled, into Counties or districts, to elect & Send Members to the Assembly, as the province increases in population.

That the qualification necessary to have a Vote at the Election of the representatives for the Cities shall be, a House, Shed or lot of Ground of the Value of forty Pounds Sterling; And, for the Counties or districts, a real Estate, Estate of Inheritance or Terre en roture, of at least, one and a half Acres in front by 20 Acres in Depth, or other Estate of higher denomination, And of which the Voter shall have the absolute property; lying within the district or County, or City and parish he votes for.

That the qualification necessary for a person offering himself to serve i a representative shall be a real Estate of Inheritance or descent in Lands or Houses of the Value of thirty Pounds Sterling yearly Rent. —

That every person shall prove by Oath, (under the pains and penalties of perjury) his qualification to either Vote or represent, being of the age of twenty one years, And be absolute proprietor of the qualification.

That none but Males shall either Vote or represent.

That the Assembly have free liberty of debate, And the power of chusing a speaker.

That all laws relating to taxation or raising monies on the Subject, originate in the House of Assembly.

That the Assembly have the sole right to try and decide in all contested Elections.

That all affairs be carryed in the Assembly by a Majority of Votes.

That at every Meeting of the Assembly, the Speaker, And, at least one half of the representatives be necessary to form a house. —

That the Governor or Lieutenant Governor for the time being, shall be obliged to call together the representatives in assembly, once every year, between the first of January and the first of May of every year, And, at any other time the Urgency of Affairs may require. —

Endorsed : Plan for a House of Assembly drawn up by the Committee's of Quebec and Montreal, in November 1784.

In Mr. Lymburner's 24th July 1789


  1. The following was written in the margin by Adam Lymburner: "When this plan was made out in fall 1784, the loyalists had not begun their new Settlements. As these new Settlements have been divided, and erected into five new districts, it may be proper that each district send a certain number of Representatives, And that the two districts of Quebec and Montreal, containing the old settled part of the Country, be divided into a certain number of districts (for the purpose of electing Representatives only,) to choose Members for the house of Assembly."

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