Manifesto of the Parti républicain du Québec

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Manifesto of the Parti républicain du Québec

Translated by Meir Avidor from: Manifeste du Parti républicain du Québec

WE BELIEVE that every political regime must rest upon the popular will as expressed by a free vote, and that democracy is the best means of allowing citizens to govern themselves through the intermediary of their elected representatives;

WE FEEL that the Quebecois nation suffers under a colonialist regime in the Canadian Confederation, and that the time has come to establish in Quebec an authentically democratic regime, where all national, civil, religious, economic, political and cultural freedoms will be completely respected;

WE AFFIRM that the first right of an adult people is that of self-determination, in accordance with the universally recognized principles of all people’s right to dispose of themselves as they wish, and that like all nations on earth, Quebec possesses and must exercise this inalienable right;

WE SUPPORT the idea that our fatherland of Quebec should follow the example of the former colonies who have liberated themselves from oppressive yokes, and that our people must take its destiny in hand, without interfering with the rights of anyone, with absolute respect for justice;

WE THINK that the citizens of Quebec are ready to assume their full political and economic responsibilities, those that history reserves for them but that others took from the people, who no longer want to be governed by foreigners;

WE JUDGE it to be the case that the state of Quebec should have normal political, economic, and cultural relations with all other countries, and that it will be an important player in the international organizations that will be happy to receive it as the representative of a free, peace-loving, French and Christian nation of North America;

WE INTEND to promote the major interests of the Quebecois population in the respect of the human person, the family, and all the human, intellectual, and spiritual values that are part of their national patrimony;

WE ADOPT a policy that will allow all levels of society, all groups, all regional interests, all constituted bodies that have the common good in sight to fully develop;

WE ADHERE to the principles of economic democracy, under which private enterprise can develop in a healthy fashion and where the entire people can profit through functional planning decided upon in concert by the interested parties or by the STATE, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the population;

WE COMMIT to proceeding through democratic and peaceful means to the transformations the entire people judge necessary;

WE INVITE the entire population, and particularly young people, to assist us in the realization of the objectives we have established;

WE HOPE that all the citizens of the Province of Quebec will see have the good fortune of living in accordance with their true destiny, in friendship and peace with all men of good will in a new, independent state that we already call: THE REPUBLIC OF QUEBEC.

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