Petition of the London Merchants, 1764

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To the Kings most excellent Majesty.

The humble Petition of your Majesty's most dutiful Subjects, the Merchants and others now residing in London Interested in and trading unto the Province of Canada in North America, on behalf of themselves and others trading to and Interested in the said Colonys by way of Supplement to the Petition hereunto annexed Intitled The humble Petition of your Majesty's most faithful and Loyal Subjects British Merchants and Traders in behalf of themselves and their fellow Subjects Inhabiting your Majesty's Province of Quebec (1)
October, 1764

Source: [1] or [2].

May it please Your Majesty,

We whose names are hereunto subscribed do most humbly certify to your Majesty that Several of us have in our possession a Variety of Original Letters from divers of our Friends and correspondents now residing in Canada and whose names are not subscribed to the Address annexed which confirm the truth of the several Allegations contained in the said Address. We do verily believe the said Allegations to be true and doubt not but in due time shall be enabled to prove the same when your Majesty in your great wisdom shall think proper to direct.

And from the said Original Letters in our possession we do likewise believe that the said Address would have been signed by almost all your Majesty's British as well as French subjects in Canada but for fear of incurring the displeasure and resentment of such of your Majesty's Officers and Servants as may deem themselves reflected upon thereby.

We therefore most humbly join with our fellow Subjects of Canada in their Petition to your Majesty and further most humbly pray.

That the Government of those your Majesty's Dominions may be at least put upon the same footing with the rest of your Majesty's American Colonies or upon any other footing that may be thought Essential for the preservation of the Lives Liberties and Properties of all your Majesty's most faithfull Subjects as well as for the increase and support of the Infant Commerce to and from that Part of the World.

And Your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c. &c. &c.


(1) See Petition of the Quebec Traders, 1764

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