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This page provides basic information on the origins of independence movements as well some details on some past and present cases.

Declarations of Rights

Acts of Union in British History

  • 1536: A series of laws passed by the English Parliament between 1536 and 1543 unite England and Wales. English is made the sole language of Parliament. In 1993, the Welsh Language Act restored the use of the Welsh language within the public administration of Wales.
  • 1707: Scotland is annexed to England through the Act of Union.
  • 1800: On August 1, the Parliament of Great Britain suppresses the Parliament of Ireland with the Act of Union.
  • 1841: The Act of Union unites the colonies of Lower Canada (Québec) and Upper Canada (Ontario). English is made the sole language of Parliament. The use of French in the Parliament and the Courts is permitted again as of 1848. The Canadiens become a numerical minority in the new United Canada during the 1850s.

Contemporary cases

Scotland (UK)

Wales (UK)

Brittany (France)

  • Independence of Brittany
  • What political status for Brittany
  • FAQ on Brittany
  • Introduction to the Region of Brittany

Corsica (France)

  • Corsica Nazione
  • Corsica at wikipedia.org
  • Corsica History
  • A Brief Chronology of Corsica

Basque Country (Spain & France)

  • Basque Government
  • Center for Basque studies, University of Nevada
  • Euskal Herria : The Basque Country
  • Foreign Writers Quotes on the Basques

Island of Jersey

  • The Société Jersiaise


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Past cases

Colonies in the Americas

  • 1783: The 13 colonies of British America (the 14th one is Acadia, the 15th is Québec)
  • 1804: Haiti
  • 1813: Paraguay
  • 1816: Argentina
  • 1818: Chile
  • 1821: Mexico and Costa Rica
  • 1822: Brazil
  • 1824: Perou
  • 1824: St-Domingue and Bolivia separate from Perou
  • 1828: Uruguay separates from Brazil
  • 1830: Columbia, Equator, Venezuela (also Greece and Belgium in Europe the same year)


  • Act of Union Website
  • Quebec-Irish history inspires graduate students


  • Greece
  • Roumania


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