Métis Bill of Rights

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Métis Bill of Rights
Provisional Governing Council of the Métis Nation

Provisional Governing Council of Manitoba, 1869

This is the formal List of Rights drawn up by the Provisional Governing Council of the Métis Nation, as the formal conditions for the entry of Rupert's Land as a province into the Dominion of Canada on December 1, 1869.

  • 1. That the people have the right to elect their own legislature.
  • 2. That the legislature have the power to pass all laws local to the Territory over the veto of the Executive by a two-thirds vote.
  • 3. That no act of the Dominion Parliament (local to the Territory) be binding on the people until sanctioned by the Legislature of the Territory.
  • 4. That all Sheriffs, Magistrates, Constables, School Commissioners, etc., be elected by the people.
  • 5. A free Homestead and Preemption Land law.
  • 6. That a portion of the public lands be appropriated to the benefit of schools, the building of bridges, roads and public buildings.
  • 7. That it be guaranteed to connect Winnipeg by rail with the nearest line of railroad, within a term of five years; the land grant to be subject to the Local Legislature.
  • 8. That for the term of four years all military, civil and municipal expenses be paid out of the Dominion funds.
  • 9. That the Military be composed of the inhabitants now existing in the Territory.
  • 10. That the English and French languages be common in the legislature and courts and that all public documents and acts of the legislature be published in both languages.
  • 11. That the Judge of the Supreme Court speak the English and French languages.
  • 12. That treaties be concluded and ratified between the Dominion Government and the several tribes of Indians in the Territory to ensure peace on the frontier.
  • 13. That we have a fair and full representation in the Canadian Parliament.
  • 14. That all privileges, customs and usage existing at the time of the transfer be respected.

This meeting took place in Fort Garry on Wednesday, December 1, 1869.

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