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William Lyon Mackenzie

(1795-1861) Scottish-born reformist politician of Upper Canada, mayor of Toronto

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From the author

  • 1854 - Petition of W.L. Mackenzie, Esq., of Toronto, praying for the payment of certain amounts which he alleges are due him by the Province: ordered, by the Legislative Assembly, to be printed, 15th December, 1854 (online)
  • 1853 - Head's flag of truce, or, A defence of the memory of the late Colonel Samuel Lount, formerly member of the Legislative Assembly for Simcoe County, from the unjust charge made by Honble. John Rolph, president of the Executive Council, to the effect that Colonel Lount's statement, given shortly before his death, relative to the flag of truce, Dec. 5, 1837, was untrue (online)
  • 1852 - Petition of William L. Mackenzie, acting executor to the estate of the late Robert Randall, Esq., of Lincoln County, M.P.P.: relative to the sale of lot 40, in Nepean, on the Ottawa, (Bytown), at the suit of Hon. H.J. Boulton, solicitor general of Upper Canada; together with reports of committees of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada; copies of bill spassed for Randall's relief ... also the evidence on which such reports and bills were founded (online)
  • 1852 - Pétition de William L. Mackenzie, agissant comme curateur à la succession de feu Robert Randall, du comté de Lincoln, écuyer, M.P.P.: relativement à la vente du lot 40, dans Nepean, sur l'Outaouais, (Bytown) à la poursuite de l'Hon. H.J. Boulton, solliciteur général du Haut-Canada ... la preuve sur la quelle ces rapports et ces bills furent basés (online)
  • 1846 - The Life and Times of Martin Van Buren: The Correspondence of His Friends, Family and Pupils (online: volume 1, volume 2)
  • 1845 - The Lives and Opinions of Benj'n Franklin Butler, United States district attorney for the southern district of New York; and Jesse Hoyt, counsellor at law, formerly collector of customs for the port of New York (online)
  • 1844 - The sons of the Emerald Isle, or, Lives of one thousand remarkable Irishmen; including memoirs of noted characters of Irish parentage or descent (online)
  • 1839 - Upper Canada: Copies or extracts of letters from Lord Howick to Mr. W.L. Mackenzie, dated respectively the 23d June, the 29th June, and the 8th of September 1832; ordered to be printed 22d April 1839
  • 1838 - Mackenzie's own narrative of the late rebellion, with illustrations and notes, critical and explanatory (online)
  • 1838 - Account of the rebellion near Toronto
  • 1835 - The Seventh Report from the Select Committee of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada on grievances: to whom were referred Lord Viscount Goderich's despatch (online)
  • 1834 - The Celebrated letter of Joseph Hume, Esq., M.P., to William Lyon Mackenzie, Esq., mayor of Toronto, declaratory of a design to "Free these Provinces from the baneful Domination of the Mother Country!": with the comments of the press of Upper Canada on the pernicious and treasonable tendency of that letter, and the speeches, resolutions and amendments of the Common Council of this city, which were the result of a motion of that body to disavow all participation in the sentiments of Mr. Hume (online)
  • 1833 - A New Almanack for the Canadian True Blues
  • 1833 - Sketches of Canada and the United States (online)
  • 1830 - Catechism of Education: Part first, various definitions of the term, education, qualities of mind, to the production of which education should be directed ... political education (online)
  • 1824 - The Colonial advocate, no. 6: published Sept. 27th, 1824, containing an essay on canals and inland navigation, and the reports to the president and directors of the Welland Canal Company of Messrs. Francis Hall, James, Clowes, and Nathan Roberts, engineers employed to survey a line of canal to connect Lakes Erie and Ontario (online)


  • 1824–34 - Colonial Advocate
  • 1836–37 - Constitution
  • 1834–37 - Correspondent and Advocate
  • 1838–40 - Mackenzie’s Gazette
  • 1841–42 - Rochester Volunteer
  • 1852–60 - Mackenzie’s Weekly Message

On the author

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  • 1886 - John King, The Other Side of the “Story,” being some reviews of Mr. J. C. Dent’s first volume of “The story of the Upper Canadian rebellion,” and the letters in the Mackenzie-Rolph controversy (online)
  • 1885 - John Charles Dent, The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion: Largely derived from original sources and documents (online: volume 1, volume 2)
  • 1862 - Charles Lindsey, The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie: With an account of the Canadian rebellion of 1837, and the subsequent frontier disturbances, chiefly from unpublished documents (online)