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Translated from French

"Is Quebecer who wants to be Quebecer." - René Lévesque, Prime Minister of Québec

"We no longer want to be a province that is unlike the others, we want to be a country [that will be] like the others." - Pierre Bourgault, RIN Leader

"As long as [our] independence is not achieved, it remains to be achieved." - Gaston Miron, Poet

"English Canada must clearly understand that, whatever is said or done, Québec is, today and forever, a distinct society, that is free and able to assume [the control of] its destiny and its development." - Robert Bourassa, Prime Minister of Québec

"Colonialism is a genocide that never ends." - André D'Allemagne, founder of the RIN

"Long live free Québec!" - Charles de Gaulle, President of France

"Liberty is not a right: it's an obligation." - Nicolas Berdiaeff

"Quebecers must realize that Bill 101 was passed in a kind of euphoric state of mind where we believed ourselves to be in a francophone country. The Supreme Court is simply there to remind us that, for as long as we are a province, we are but a minority in an English country." - Guy Bertrand, lawyer

"One more easily makes a Sauvage with a Frenchman than a Frenchman with a Sauvage." - Marie de l'Incarnation

"Riel, our brother, is dead [...]." - Honoré Mercier, Prime Minister of Québec

"The history of the Canadian Confederation is the lamentable series of our forfeitures and our defeats by a false conciliation." - Henri Bourassa, Journalist and founder of Le Devoir

"No, I have no answer to give to your general, but with the mouth of my canons and gun shots." - Louis de Buade, comte de Frontenac

"Will of power for strong peoples, nationalism, for small peoples, is a will to be." - Jean Bouthillette

"In my opinion, history is made by men and women, but it can also be demolished and rewritten, with blows of silence, lapses of memory, imposed forms and tolerated deformations [...]." - Edward W. Said

"To enter in a relation with the Other, it is necessary to first be yourself. That is why a sain globalization of modern life first supposes [the existence of] solid identities. Because an excessive or misunderstood globalization could also shred cultures, melt them into a uniform culture, from which the world has nothing to gain. [...] An ordered world is a world of independent nations, open to each other in the respect of their differences and similarities. That is what I have called the fertile logic of nationalities and universality." - Boutros Boutros-Ghali

"Peoples, be peoples and others will respect you. Be courtiers and others will scorn you and it will be well deserved." - Louis-Joseph Papineau, leader of the Parti patriote

"The choice of independence means that the traumatism of the English Conquest has been overcome, that the mechanics of colonialism and the alienating domination have been dismantled and that, consequently, rendered inoperative, is overcome the fear of liberty and assumed the inherent responsibilities of a complete control of our national destiny." - Andrée Ferretti & Gaston Miron, Les grands textes indépendantistes, 1774-1992, l’Hexagone

Already in English

"The Constitutional package of 1982 was unacceptable to the government of Québec of the day, is unacceptable to the present government of Québec, would have been unacceptable to any government of Québec one can recall or any future government of Québec one can imagine." - Robert Stanfield, Premier of Nova Scotia

"As of now, good fortune will favor the Canadian government. Even a united front of 10 provinces will not be able to force the Canadian government to move: by assuring a creative balance between the provinces and the central government, the federation will be able to last 1000 years." - Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

"He [Louis Riel] shall hang, even though every dog in Quebec barks in his favour." - John A. MacDonald, First Prime Minister of the Canadian Federal Dominion

"All right... Constitution adopted - a most creditable document - a complete reform of all the excesses and injustice we have complained of: Is it not wonderful? French Canadianism entirely extinguished." - George Brown, One of the Fathers of the Canadian "Confederation"

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