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{{title|French Canadianism|''[[Wikipedia:The New York Times|The New York Times]]''|September 15, 1860<br /><br />Transcripted by [[User:Liberlogos|Benoît Rheault]].}}
#REDIRECT [[French Canadianism]]
The London ''Times'' has given importance to a Montreal municipal dispute, — which only a local paper noticed at the time, — by making it the subject of a leading editorial, and an opportunity for denouncing French Canadian ingratitude. The ''Times'' enumerates the benefits that the French population of the Province have derived from British rule;
[ be transcripted...]
== Note ==
This is an article from ''The New York Times'' (September 15, 1860, p.4), from ''Historical New York Times'' archives available at the ''Proquest historical newspapers'' website, in turn available with a membership of the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec.
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