The English of Québec

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The English of Québec

From Majority to Minority Status
Institut québécois de recherche sur la culture, 1982, 466 p.


  • Preface
  • Introduction. Taking Stock and Confronting the Future, The Editors

PART I — The Background of English Quebec

PART II — Consciousness of self, other, and of Quebec

PART III — The Many Faces of English Quebec

  • Jews in Anglophone Quebec, David Rome
  • The English Working Class of Quebec: Fragmentation and Silence, Carla Lipsig-Mummé
  • Development Plans, Salt Mines and the English Community of Grosse Isle, Magdalen Islands, Stuart Richards

PART IV — Institutional Experiences and Crises

PART V — The Educational Establishment

PART VI — The Media

  • The English Media and the New Quebec, David Waters
  • The Quebec Media and Canadian Unity, Arthur Siegel
  • The Anglo Press in the Seventies: Conspiracy or Just Plain Incompetence?, David Thomas

PART VII — The Political Realm

  • The Language Question in Quebec: On Collective and Individual Rights, John D. Jackson
  • The English and Language Legislation: A Personal History, William Tetley
  • The Anglophone Left in Quebec and National Self-Determination, Henry Milner

  • Conclusion. Looking to the Future, The Editors
  • Bibliography