The Decolonization of Quebec

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The Decolonization of Quebec

An Analysis of Left-Wing Nationalism
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1973, 257 p.

SUMMARY: In recent years, Quebec has produced a popular and powerful movement united by aims fundamentally opposed to the status quo of this province. The movement is characterized by a strong separatist, left-wing ideology, and a broad representation from labour and professional classes. This volume presents a radical and comprehensive analysis of the movement and its roots in the economic, social and historical conditions of Quebec. It is sympathetic to the movement's goals, and as such is a unique contribution to the present debate on Quebec's future[1]. ON THE BOOK: Richard Jones (RHAF, 1974) ONLINE:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part One. The Economy of a Colonized Society
    • Chapter 1. The American Metropolis
    • Chapter 2. Quebec: An Economic Satellite
    • Chapter 3. Les Quebecois: An Oppressed Majority
    • Chapter 4. The Satellite and the Metropolis
    • Chapter 5. Nationalism and Internationalism
  • Part Two. From Submission to Self-Consciousness
    • Chapter 6. The Thirties: Authoritarianism and Sellout
    • Chapter 7. The Decline of the Old Order
    • Chapter 8. The Floodgates are Opened
    • Chapter 9. The Struggle Intensifies
    • Chapter 10. Nationalism on the Left
  • Bibliography

The book is available online at this address: