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  • Now, the very procedure of the Federal Government in holding hearings on that bill is itself antidemocratic. ...hat the hearings will start on the morning following the vote and that the hearings will last for only four days. Such a procedure is thoroughly undemocratic i
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  • * 2000 - Resolution following public hearings on Canada's role in the Kosovo conflict and its aftermath: report of the St
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  • ...document in this matter which pushed me from the very start of the public hearings to suggest the commissioners to reveal, as they receive them, the studies w
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  • ...ay Company never gave orders for “ virtue and sobriety until after several hearings in which its barbarity to the natives and their servants was proved by sund
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  • ...sis of an equal partnership between the two founding races." After holding hearings across the country, the commissioners concluded in their preliminary report ...Assembly's standing parliamentary committees. These committees hold public hearings where associations and citizens concerned with these reforms can make their
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  • ...Letters and Sciences|Massey Commission on Arts and Sciences]], which held hearings all across Canada. He sat beaming, his hands tucked into his wide sleeves,
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