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# The Canadian clergy and its bishops. May they always be united and give the good example to their flocks. They will be supported and respected by joining the cause of the House of Assembly and the people.
# The Convention of the District of Montreal. The people granted its members the care to watch for their interests which will not be neglected.
# The Constitutional Meetings of the three districts that supported the proceedings of the House of Assembly and on the state of the country, and those who circulated the petition to be signed in support of the demands of the Assembly. Honour to those who defended the rights of the people, with such patriotism, zeal, and disinterestedness.
It is useless to state that the toasts were welcomed with enthusiasm, as were the voluntary toasts of which some of the main ones were:
# Mr. Duvernay, president of the "''[[w:Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society|Aide toi, le Ciel t'aidera]]''" Society, who had the idea for this feast and who oversaw its preparation.
# "''Aide toi, le Ciel t'aidera''". This nascent society, composed of the elite of our youth, allows for the most flattering hopes.
# Our Vice-President John Turney, Esquire, it is deservedly that he enjoys the regard and confidence of his co-citizens. He has rendered eminent services to them, and he will do so again when the occasion comes.
# The ''Compagnie canadienne de commerce en commandite'' of Montreal. Its successes surpassed expectations. May it continue to receive the support it deserves.
# The Montreal Medical Bureau. Its composition received the approbation of the country, and it . It must be hoped, that the next election will not change the spirit which directed and animated it.# The body of the Canadian Retail Traders of Montreal. The They distinguished themselves by the integrity and their patriotism.
# The liberal priests of this district. They are, hopefully for the country, the great majority.
# Agriculture, principal source of the wealth of this country. Honour to those who are dedicated to it.
# The English colonies of North America. They are coming out of their doze to claim their rights. May they obtain them.
# The 2nd [[Company of Volunteer Riflemen]] of Montreal and Mr. [[w:Clément-Charles Sabrevois de Bleury|de Bleury]], its Captain. Their beautiful discipline and the spirit animating them offers some guarantees of their conduct, when the country will need their succour.
# The trade and working class of Montreal and this country in general. May education continue to spread among the useful members of society, and ; And may they they procure the wellbeing and ease they deserve by their works.
# Mr. [[William Evans]], farmer of [[Côte Saint-Pierre]]. For several years, he held with honour and success the place of secretary of the ''Société d'Agriculture'' in that district. The people and the agricultural class will never forget his great services.
These toasts were intermingled by music, and several speeches were pronounced, among others by the Mayor and Messrs [[w:Thomas Storrow Brown|T.S. Brown]], [[C.-O. Perrault]], de Bleury, [[w:Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine|Lafontaine]], [[E.-E. Rodier]], (these last three being Members of Parliament,) Dr. [[w:Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan|O'Callaghan]], [[Létourneux]], (member of the Canadian House,) [[Sicotte]], Turney, Senr. [[Laberge]], Dr. [[Vallée]] and [[Gosselin]]. The President and Messrs O'Callaghan, and E.-E. Rodier had to occasion to address the meeting several times.
Some songs were sung by the Mayor, Mr. Turney, and several other ''Messieurs''. Mr. [[w:George-Étienne Cartier|George Cartier]] also sang a song he had composed for the occasion. The following versescouplets, whose author kept anonymous, were delivered to the president who read them.:
{{Quote letter|ST. JOHN THE BAPTISTE, in your memory <br />


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