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# ''[[w:Le Canadien|Le Canadien]]'' of Quebec City, the only faithful voice of the inhabitants of its district. By the power of the truth which it expresses with such dignity, may it choke the false expositions and the calumnies of its antagonists.
# The emigration: may the thousands of [[w:British subject|British subjects]] who every year come on our shores seeking asylum against the abuses and oppressions they suffer in their native country, not create such evils among us and find here the welcome they deserve! They will form with the inhabitants of Canada an impenetrable and irresistible phalanx against tyranny.
# The Canadian clergy and its bishops. May they always be united and give the good example to its their flocks. They will be supported and respected by joining the cause of the House of Assembly and the people.
# The Convention of the District of Montreal. The people granted its members the care to watch for their interests which will not be neglected.
# The Constitutional Meetings of the three districts that supported the proceedings of the House of Assembly and the state of the country, and those who circulated the petition to be signed in support of the demands of the Assembly. Honour to those who defended the rights of the people, with such patriotism, zeal, and disinterestedness.


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