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{{Title|Banquet for St. John the BaptisteBaptist's Day Banquet|[[w:Ludger Duvernay|Ludger Duvernay]]|in ''La Minerve'', June 26, 1834.<br /><br /><small>Translated in June 2009 by [[User:Mathieugp|Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote]] from:<br /><br />''[[biblio:Banquet de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste à Montréal le 24 juin 1834|Banquet de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste à Montréal le 24 juin 1834]].</small>}}
Last TUESDAY, on [[w:Nativity of St. John the Baptist|St. John the Baptist's Day]], a numerous and respectable meeting took place in Montreal to celebrate the patronal festival of the Canadians. The guests numbered nearly 60 and were composed of Irishmen, Americans, and Canadians. Mr. Viger, Mayor, was elected president, and Mr. [[John Turney]], Esquire, former member of the City Council, vice-president.
After the customary toast of loyalty, the following toasts were proposed by the president:—


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