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===Henry Milner===
[[Image:Henry-milner-1984.jpg|thumb|Henry Milner, professor of political science, president of the ''Société québécoise de science politique'']]''Author page in IOQ'': ''[[Henry Milner]]'' <br />
''Biography in Wikipedia'': ''[[Wikipedia:Henry Milner|Henry Milner]]''
* ''The Internet Generation. Engaged Citizens Or Political Dropouts'' (2010)
* ''Civic Literacy. How Informed Citizens Make Democracy Work'' (2002)
* ''Social Democracy and Rational Choice. The Scandinavian Experience and Beyond'' (1994)
* ''[[The English-speaking Community. An Integral Part of a Sovereign Québec]]'' (1993)
* ''Sweden. Social Democracy in Practice'' (1989)
* ''The Long Road to Reform. Restructuring Public Education in Quebec'' (1986)
* ''[ Politics in the New Quebec]'' (1978)
* ''[ The Decolonization of Quebec: an analysis of left-wing nationalism]'' (1973)