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We think that the Alberta government is anti-Quebec.Allison Redford is the present premier and she is from BC which is a very anti-quebec province. A friend of ours is on social assistance in Alberta and 2 of the govt employees from Human Services in Calgary, a Sharon Blackwell and Kelly Janssens deliberately delayed her benefits in the month of October. We believe that they did this because they are mad that the PQ was re-elected and they want to get even with Quebecers for the 69 October crisis (as they call it) and the last Oct 31 referendum for independence. They knew she needed the benefits for food and rent. After much complaining they released her benefits on Oct 31. Go figure. Also they are pissed off because Parks Canada now has to greet people in English and in French, saying " Hello,Bonjour."They don't want to have to say bonjour. They are big racists and very vindictive.

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