Range of attitudes toward Québec

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Why didn't we deport them again? I mean, it worked for the Acadians: we don't hear what's left of them complain too often.

Patriotism in denial

Quebecers are not oppressed: we "gave" them so many rights! I mean, it's not as if they had been slaves during colonial times, right?

Memory Loss

Canada is a bilingual country. Québec is a province like the others. It has always been like that. (Official policy of the Ottawa government since Trudeau.)

Symbolic Recognition

Québec is a distinct community, although I would not say that Quebecers have a real national culture of their own. The province already has enough autonomy as it is, but hey, what the heck, if a few symbolic lines in the constitution can shut them up.

Sympathy of the Blind

Obviously, it would have been better for Lower Canada to become an independent republic in the 1830s. However, today Canada is a great democracy, a strong defender of human rights and there is nothing left to improve in this country.

Objective Point of View

Québec should be recognized as a nation within Canada right away and it should have all the powers it needs to develop itself inside Canada or outside Canada if necessary.

Honest Recognition and Sympathy

Québec is a nation and it has the right to self-determination. The National Assembly of Québec rejected the 1982 Constitution, which broke the confederative pact. It is only normal for Quebecers to seek independence as a result.

Quebec Patriotism

Vive le Québec libre! Long live free Quebec!


Vive le Québec libre!

Vive l'Écosse libre!

Vive le Pays de Galles libre!

Vive le Tibet libre!

Vive la Corse libre!

Vive le Pays basque libre!

Vive le Nunavut libre!

Vive les Amérindiens libres!

Vive la liberté des peuples!