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Waking Up French...!

The Repression and Renaissance of the French in New England
a film by Ben Levine
Rockland, Maine (United States), Watching Place Productions, 2003, 103 min.

SUMMARY : Documentary film by Ben Levine[1] on the struggle for cultural survival among the Franco-American communities of New England, for the most part made up of descendants of Quebecers and Acadians. The film traces the French heritage beginning with immigration from the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Acadia through persecution by Ku Klux Klan and language loss, to cultural renaissance and heritage preservation. Through their determined loyalty to the French Catholic faith, language and cultural values, the French of New England continue to discover new ways of renewal and cultural diversity through heritage language reacquisition. ON THE DOCUMENTARY : [2], [3] OFFICIAL SITE : wakingupfrench.com