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This section gathers various links chosen by us to help visitors understand what Québec sovereignists and other independentists are fighting for. Discover the story of a very long national liberation that never ends...

Québécois and Canadian intellectuals agree on the basics

  • Common Declaration of Québécois and Canadian Intellectuals
  • Open Letter in Support of Québec's Right to Self-Determination

Basic Notions

  • Take some French lessons ;-)
  • Learn to spot a fallacy when you see one
  • Learn of common myths and fallacies in the Quebec debate
  • Have a look at a few important facts you should not miss
  • Read our answers to some frequently asked questions
  • Learn some of the key concepts in Quebec politics
  • Read on the range of attitudes towards Québec
  • See the other side: Anglophones for Québec
  • Read some famous quotes
  • Consult our terminology page

Historical Arguments

Over 200 years of a just political resistance to imperialism and assimilation in the name of human dignity.

Historical Overview

  • Read the section dedicated to the history of our movements
  • Read the translation of the Political Testament of Louis-Joseph Papineau
  • Discover famous people in the history of Québec
  • Read a few selected texts on Québec democracy by the Ministère des relations internationales (PDF)
  • Read the section dedicated to other contemporary independence movements

Historical Documents

  • 1970: The manifesto of the Front de Liberation du Québec
  • 1960: The manifesto of the Rassemblement pour l'indépendance nationale
  • 1958: The manifesto of the Alliance laurentienne
  • 1934: The manifesto of the Action libérale nationale (French)
  • 1839: The Report of Lord Durham on the Affairs of British North America
  • 1838: The Declaration of Independence of Lower Canada of the Patriotes
  • 1837: An excerpt of the Manifesto of the Fils de la liberté
  • 1834: The Ninety-Two Resolutions of the Parti patriote
  • 1831: The notes of Alexis de Tocqueville in Lower Canada
  • 1775: The Letter to the Inhabitants of Canada of the first Continental Congress

Québec's Historical Demands

  • Québec's positions on constitutional and intergovernmental issues from 1936 to March 2001
  • A Quebec-Canada Constitutional Law Lexicon (PDF)
  • Québec's historical position on the federal spending power 1944-1998 (PDF)
  • Québec and its Territory (PDF)
  • Québec's Political & Constitutional Status (PDF)

Failure of Constitutional Reforms

  • Read Canadian federalism and the autonomy of Québec: a historical viewpoint
  • Read Constitutional Saga on this site
  • Read on Institutional Bilingualism on this site

Cultural Arguments

  • Peek through the Independentist Music Directory (French)
  • Read some Independentist & Sovereignist Poetry (French)
  • Discover movie director Pierre Falardeau (French)
  • 1974: Speak White by Michèle Lalonde
  • 1972: L'alouette en colère by Félix Leclerc ( >> English translation << )
  • 1948: Refus global by Paul-Émile Borduas
  • Read the article A Sovereign Presence - The poet and the politician in Gérald Godin ...
  • Read all our translations of lyrics and poems

Various opinions and documents by militants

St-Jean-Baptiste Society

  • Read the section dedicated to the St-Jean-Baptiste Society

Les Intellectuels pour la souveraineté (IPSO)

  • Sovereignty: A Legitimate Goal
  • A Yes for Change
  • Les raisons profondes de faire l'indépendance (French)
  • Billets des IPSO (French)

Jean-François Lisée, Journalist

  • Jean-François Lisée's Texts in English
  • Books by Jean-François Lisée

Andrée Ferretti, political thinker and writer

  • The Parti québécois: for or against independence?
  • Various texts on the Website "Québec un pays" (French)
  • More texts at (French)

Guy Bouthillier, former SSJB President

  • Fundamental law, or fundamental flaw? (2002)
  • Why does it not simply eliminate all questions on ethnic origin and religion?
  • Books by Guy Bouthillier (French)

Pierre Bourgault, former RIN president and journalist

  • A Radical from Quebec Passes
  • Books by Pierre Bourgault

Daniel Turp, former Bloc Québécois MP and constitutionalist

  • Works and opinions published in English
  • Quebec's Quest for Sovereignty and Partnership
  • Québec's Right to Secessionist Self-Determination
  • Don't buy Stéphane Dion's response to the secession ruling (1999)
  • 1995 Project of a Sovereign Québec Constitution (French)

Michel Seymour, philosopher

  • Québec Nationalism and Canadian Federalism
  • On Redefining the Nation (PDF)
  • Québec and Canada at the Crossroads: A Nation within a Nation (PDF)
  • The anti-democratic drift of the federal government: A brief concerning Bill C-20
  • Michel Seymour's Website

Parti Québécois

  • Sovereignist Leaders
  • 5 questions and answers to understand why the Parti Québécois wants Québec to become a sovereign country