Politics in the New Quebec

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Politics in the New Quebec
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1978, 257 p.

SUMMARY: With up-to-the-minute information on how the Parti québécois functions within Quebec's political framework, here is a thorough examination of Quebec's political system and the forces that shape and sustain it. A foremost expert on the subject brings his informed perspective to the present and immediate past to clarify the structures and processes of Quebec politics. He includes appropriate sketches of the historical, social, and economic contexts. There are chapters on Quebec nationalism, the Quebec state, its economy, social classes (especially the new middle class), the political right, the Liberals, the Parti québécois, labour, the strongly entrenched extra-Parliamentary left, municipal politics (Montreal) and, finally, current conflicts and concerns – especially the complex question of Quebec's and Canada's relationships with each other[1]. ON THE BOOK: Vincent Lemieux (RS, 1978; Richard Jones (RHAF, 1979); ONLINE: classiques.uqac.ca

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I. The Evolution of National Consciousness
  • Chapter II. Economy and Social Class
  • Chapter III. The Quebec State
  • Chapter IV. The Crisis of the State and the New Middle Class
  • Chapter V. The Right in Quebec Politics
  • Chapter VI. The Quebec Liberals
  • Chapter VII. The Parti Québécois
  • Chapter VIII. Quebec Labour in Politics
  • Chapter IX. The Extra-Parliamentary Left
  • Chapter X. New Politics in Montreal
  • Epilogue. Quebec and Canadian Unity
  • Selected Readings

The book is available online at this address: