Petition of the Seigneurs of the Lands and the Proprietors of the Fiefs of the District of Montreal, 1767

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Petition of the Seigneurs of the Lands and the Proprietors of the Fiefs of the District of Montreal
Group of seigneurs of Montreal
February, 1767


The Seigneurs of the lands and proprietors of the fiefs of the district of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, at the foot of Your Majesty's throne, filled with the deepest Gratitude for all the marks of Favour with which it has pleased Your Majesty to honour them, since they have been under Your Government, Dare to take the Liberty of here presenting to You their most humble supplications in their own Names and those of their tenants.

The truly paternal Care which your Majesty has never ceased to bestow on their temporal Interests, and the signal Favour of possessing a Bishop have roused in the hearts of all the New subjects the liveliest sentiments of gratitude, of love, and of fidelity toward Your Majesty.

They are no less sensible of the last proof of Your affection, of which they have experienced the beneficial effects, in the revocation of the stamp act.

They beg Your Gracious Majesty that they may be permitted to thank You for having given them as Governor, the honourable James Murray, they dare to hope that You will graciously continue to them this Worthy Governor whose clearsightedness. Equity and wisdom continually afford him efficacious means for maintaining the people in tranquillity and obedience.

The frequently repeated Marks of a King's Goodness, always give ground for the hope of fresh ones, and it is on this ground that they dare plead for two privileges. These would fill up the measure of your Majesty's favours, & of their gratitude & devotion.

The first is the suppression of the Register, the expenses of which exhaust the Colony, without its receiving from it the least advantage.

The second is that all the subjects in this province without any Distinction of Religion may be admitted to any Office, the only basis of selection being that of capacity and personal merit. To be excluded by the State from participating in it, is not to be a member of the state. If they feel such a humiliation they would appreciate all the more the value of a favour equally marked, for which they can only offer their hearts full of love and gratitude. Their Zeal, their affection and their devotion shall be the signal proofs of it for all time to come.

Their precepts and their examples shall perpetually tend to maintain their tenants in the sentiments of fidelity and submission which they owe you, They will offer without ceasing their vows and their prayers for the Glory and Preservation of Your Majesty and your august family.

Le Chevalier D'ailleboust, Dailleboust De Caisy
D'Chambault St. Ours
Lacorne Montizambert
Ninerville, Blanau
Rouville daudeguee
Neveu, Lavalterie
lefebvre Boucherville
Montenon J. de Muy
Normand, Chev. Hertel
Linctot Pierre Lesieu (r) MS torn
Hertel And. Barril
Duchesny, Godfroy
Duchesne Normanvi (lle) MS torn
Le Chevalier Ninerville God. Tonnancou (r) MS torn
Crosse le febvre
J. Courval Desisles
La Grenier (frenier?) Beaulac
Crevier L. Descheneaux
St. françois J. Descheneaux
poisson Gentilly

Endorsed: — Petition to The King from the Principal People of Montreal R/ 3d Febry 1767.


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