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* [http://www.philo.umontreal.ca/prof/documents/SecessionasaRemedialRight.pdf ''Secession as a Remedial Right''] (PDF)
* [http://www.philo.umontreal.ca/prof/documents/SecessionasaRemedialRight.pdf ''Secession as a Remedial Right''] (PDF)
* [http://www.philo.umontreal.ca/prof/documents/SeymourLuxembourg.pdf ''Nation-States, National Minorities and The Draft Treaty''] (PDF)
* [http://www.philo.umontreal.ca/prof/documents/SeymourLuxembourg.pdf ''Nation-States, National Minorities and The Draft Treaty''] (PDF)
* "Introduction : Questioning the Ethnic / Civic Dichotomy", in [http://www.uofcpress.com/0-919491/0-919491-22-7.html ''Rethinking Nationalism''], Jocelyne Couture, Kai Nielsen et Michel Seymour (dir), Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Supplementary Volume XXII, 1996, 1-60. ISBN 0919491227
* "Toward a Cosmopolitan Law of Peoples: Asserting the rights and obligations of persons and nations", in Michel Seymour (dir), [http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=1722 ''The Fate of the Nation-State''], Montréal/Kingston, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004, pp. 403-411.
* "Collective Rights in Multination States: from Ethical Individualism to the Law of Peoples", dans Michel Seymour (dir), ''The Fate of the Nation-State'', Montréal/Kingston , McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004, pp. 105-129.
* "An Inclusive Nation That Does Not Deny Its origins", in Michel Venne, ''Vive Quebec! New Thinking And New Approaches To the Quebec Nation'', Toronto, James and Company, 2001, p.146-154.
* "On Redefining the Nation", in Nenad Miscevic (ed.), ''Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict'', Chicago and La Salle, Open Court, 2000, 25-55.
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This is an incomplete list of individual militants of the independence of Quebec, past and present. Many were artists, such as Gaston Miron, Gérald Godin, Pauline Julien, Michel Chartrand, Andrée Ferretti, and many others who were arrested without charges during the October Crisis of 1970.

Michel Seymour, philosopher

Michel Seymour, professor of analytical philosophy

Biography in Wikipedia: Michel Seymour

Jean-François Lisée, journalist

Jean-François Lisée, journalist

Biography in Wikipedia: Jean-François Lisée

Andrée Ferretti, RIN militant and writer

Andrée Ferretti, writer, former vice-president of the RIN

Biography in Wikipedia: Andrée Ferretti

Guy Bouthillier, former SSJB president

Guy Bouthillier, former president of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society

Biography in Wikipedia: Guy Bouthillier

Pierre Bourgault, former RIN president and journalist

Pierre Bourgault, journalist, former president of the RIN

Biography in Wikipedia: Pierre Bourgault

Jacques Ferron, writer, founder of the Rhino Party

Jacques Ferron, writer, founder of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada

Biography in Wikipedia: Jacques Ferron

Michèle Lalonde, poet, playwright, essayist

Michèle Lalonde, poet, playwright, essayist

Biography in Wikipedia: Michèle Lalonde

  • Her 1974 political poem Speak White
  • Défense et illustration de la langue québécoise, 1973
  • Manifeste pour une Cause commune, 1981 (with Denis Monière)

Denis Monière, political scientist

Denis Monière, political scientist

Biography in Wikipedia: Denis Monière

  • Le développement des idéologies au Québec: des origines à nos jours, 1977
  • Les enjeux du référendum, 1979
  • Pour la suite de l'histoire: essai sur la conjoncture politique au Québec, 1982
  • Pour comprendre le nationalisme au Québec et ailleurs, 2001
  • L'Indépendance, 2005

Félix Leclerc, singer, poet

Félix Leclerc, singer, songwriter, poet

Biography in Wikipedia: Félix Leclerc

Gaston Miron, poet

Gaston Miron, poet

Biography in Wikipedia: Gaston Miron

  • Muriel Farley Dominguez, "From Exile to Appartenance: The Poetry of Gaston Miron Reexamined", in The French Review, Vol. 62 (1994): 1013-1023.
  • Gaston Miron : parole de poète, in the Web site Les archives de Radio-Canada
  • A translated excerpt of L'Homme rapaillé, 1970

Gérald Godin, journalist, poet and politician

Gérald Godin, journalist, poet and politician

Biography in Wikipedia: Gérald Godin

Daniel Turp, PQ MNA and constitutionalist

Daniel Turp, politician and constitutionalist

Biography in Wikipedia: Daniel Turp

Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, March 20, 2001

Marcel Chaput, founding member of the RIN and the Parti républicain

Marcel Chaput, biochemist and RIN co-founder

Biography in Wikipedia: Marcel Chaput

André D'Allemagne, founding member of the RIN

André D'Allemagne, political science professor, essayist, translator founding member of RIN

Biography in Wikipedia: André D'Allemagne

  • Books by André D'Allemagne

Hubert Aquin, writer, editor

Hubert Aquin, writer

Biography in Wikipedia: Hubert Aquin

  • Prochain épisode (Next Episode) — 1965
  • Trou de mémoire (Blackout) — 1968
  • L'Antiphonaire (The Antiphonary) — 1969
  • Point de fruite — 1971
  • Neige noire (Hamlet's Twin) — 1974
  • Blocs erratiques — 1977
  • L'Invention de la mort — 1959


  • Patricia Smart, Hubert Aquin agent double — 1973
  • Gordon Sheppard, HA! A Self-Murder Mystery — 2003

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  • See the list of books written by advocates of Quebec independence.