John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham

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John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham

(1792-1840) Member of Parliament, ambassador, governor of British North America, High Commissioner of Inquiry into the causes of the "rebellion" of 1837

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From the author

  • 1835 - Speeches Delivered at Public Meetings in Scotland, and Newcastle, in 1834 (Google Books: [1])
  • 1839 - Report on the Affairs of British North America. Report from the Select Committee of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada ( [2])
  • 1839 - The Report and Despatches of the Earl of Durham, Her Majesty's High Commissioner and Governor-General of British North America (Google Books: [3])

On the author

  • 1835 - John Reid. Sketch of the Political Career of the Earl of Durham (Google Books: [4])
  • 1988 - Janet Ajzenstat. The Political Thought of Lord Durham (Google Books: [5])

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