Charles Richard Ogden

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Charles Richard Ogden

(1791-1866) lawyer, politician, and public servant

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From the author

  • 1860 - Petition of Charles Richard Ogden, Esq., late Attorney General of Canada, to Her Majesty[1]
  • 1825 - Court of appeals, November, 1825, Francis Desrivières, & al., appellants and the Hon. John Richardson, &c., &c., al., respondents: case on behalf of Messrs. Richardson, Reid, Strahan, Forsyth, Lindsay and Macnider, C.R. Ogden for respondents

On the author

  • 2000 - Lorne Ste. Croix, "Ogden, Charles Richard", in Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
  • 1934 - Francis-Joseph Audet, Les députés des Trois-Rivières (1808-1838) (online)
  • 1907 - W. O. Wheeler, The Ogden family in America, Elizabethtown branch, and their English ancestry; John Ogden, the Pilgrim, and his descendants, 1640–1906, their history, biography & genealogy (online)

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