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* French Migration to North America
* French Migration to North America
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* Crofters and Habitants: Settler Society, Economy, and Culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-1881
* Crofters and Habitants: Settler Society, Economy, and Culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-1881
* The Black Book of English Canada
* The Black Book of English Canada
* http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=628
* http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=865
* http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=1076
* http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=1088
* http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=1111
=====Writings by ''patriote'' figures=====
=====Writings by ''patriote'' figures=====

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This page lists English language books related to the broad subjects of Quebec history, culture, and the independence movement. For the many many more books written in French, see the Books in French page.


Independence Advocacy


  • Pierre Vallières, White Niggers of America, McClelland & Stewart (Jan 1 1969) ISBN: 0771086717


  • René Lévesque, My Québec, Harper Collins Canada / H & C Pb Def (Nov. 14 1979), 191 pages ISBN: 0002161729



  • Pierre Bourgault, Now or Never Towards an Independent Quebec, Key Porter Books (June 1990), ISBN: 1550133152
  • Pierre Vallieres, Impossible Quebec, Black Rose Books Ltd (Jan 1 1999) ISBN: 0919619096




Writings by patriote figures
  • Louis-Joseph Papineau, Cette fatale union. Adresses, discours et manifestes. 1847-1848, Lux Éditeur, Montréal, 211 pages ISBN 2-89596-009-7
Irish immigration

  • Feeney, A. “Questions of identity in the work of Québec author Jacques Ferron”, Proceedings of Conference on La Francophonie held at W.I.T. in March 1999
  • Feeney, A. “Jacques Ferron: the rôle of the writer”, proceedings of Royal Irish Academy conference held in D.C.U. November 2003
Scottish immigration
  • Les Écossais: The Pioneer Scots of Lower Canada, 1763-1855, by Lucille H. Campey, June 5th, 2006, 332 pages, ISBN: 189704514X
  • http://mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=352 Crofters and Habitants Settler Society, Economy, and Culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-1881
English immigration
Jewish immigration
  • Everyday Miracle: Yiddish Culture in Montreal
German immigration
Amerindian & Inuit
  • Aboriginal Quebec by Denys Lamontagne
  • Nunavik: Inuit Controlled Education in Arctic Quebec





  • French Fun: The Real Spoken Language of Québec
  • Quebecois-English English-Quebecois Dictionary
  • The Pronunciation of Québécois French

Culture & Society

  • A Taste of Quebec
  • The Old Churches of the Province of Quebec, 1647-1800
  • Quebec National Cinema
  • The Cinema of Quebec: Masters in Their Own House
  • Culture Critique: Fernand Dumont and New Quebec Sociology
  • A Sociocritique of Translation: Theatre and Alterity in Quebec, 1968-1988
  • Passport's Guide to Ethnic Montreal: A Complete Guide to the Many Faces & Cultures of Montreal
  • Postmodernism and the Quebec Novel
  • French Canadian and Quebecois Novels
  • Encounters with Quebec: Emerging Perspectives on Quebecois Narrative Fiction
  • Culture in Transit: Translating the Literature of Quebec
  • Traditionalism, Nationalism, and Feminism: Women Writers of Quebec
  • Anne Hebert: In Search of the First Garden

Québec nationalism

Other Nationalisms

  • Nations Against the State: The New Politics of Nationalism in Quebec, Catalonia, and Scotland
  • Baltic Independence and Russian Empire
  • Ireland's Independence: 1800-1923
  • Ukraine: Perestroika to Independence
  • Ideology, Mobilization and the Nation: The Rise of Irish, Basque and Carlist Nationalist Movements in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
  • The East Timor Question: The Struggle for Independence from Indonesia
  • Basque Nationalism
  • Toleration and State Institutions: British Policy Toward Catholics in Eighteenth-Century Ireland and Quebec by Karen Stanbridge
  • Small Nations, Big Neighbour: Denmark and Quebec/Canada Compare Notes on American Popular Culture

Politics & Law

  • Linguistic Conflict and Language Laws: Understanding the Quebec Question
  • Dream of Nation: A Social and Intellectual History of Quebec
  • Rise, and Fight Again: Perilous Times Along the Road to Independence
  • Whistling Past the Graveyard: Constitutional Abeyances, Quebec, & the Future of Canada
  • Quebec Decision: Perspectives on the Supreme Court Ruling on Secession
  • One Hundred Years of Critical Solitudes
  • The International Politics of Quebec Secession: State Making and State Breaking in North America
  • Pluralism and Inequality in Quebec
  • Culture Critique: Fernand Dumont and New Quebec Sociology
  • The Carnivalization of Politics: Québec Cartoons on Relations With Canada, England, and France


Public domain literature from Quebec and French America

Contemporary Quebec literature

  • Michel Tremblay
  • Anne Hébert
  • Hubert Aquin
  • Réjean Ducharme
  • Émile Nelligan
  • Germaine Guevremont
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Gaston Miron