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* [http://www.muhc.ca/ Montreal General Hospital]
* [http://www.muhc.ca/ Montreal General Hospital]
* [http://www.jgh.ca/ Montreal Jewish Hospital]
* [http://www.jgh.ca/ Montreal Jewish Hospital]
* Alliance Quebec
* Equality Party
* Anglophones for Québec
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Québec's English-speaking community represents approximately 10.5% of Québec's total population when counting individuals who, during the population census conducted by Statistics Canada in 2001, claimed to speak mostly this language at home.


Is an anglophone someone whose first language or language of adoption is English. An anglophone may therefore be a native speaker of English, French or any other language, but the language that this person speaks in the privacy of his or her home is English. The Quebec anglophones population number ~747,000 when counting by home language. Of those, ~591,000 are native speakers of English. It therefore follows from this that Quebec anglophones constitute a pluriethnic community, as is the francophone community.

Anglophones may speak languages other than English, possibly their native language if not English or some other, often French.


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