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* [http://www2.marianopolis.edu/quebechistory/events/anglos.htm Anglophones: definition]
* [http://www2.marianopolis.edu/quebechistory/events/anglos.htm Anglophones: definition]
* Population: ~600 000 native English speakers or ~800 000 when counting by home language.

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Québec's English-speaking community represents approximately 8% of Québec's total population when counting native speakers of the language. The proportion rises when counting individuals who, during population census, claim to speak mostly this language at home. The prevalence of the English language being what it naturally is in Canada and North America, approximately 40% of the population of Quebec claims to be able to carry on a conversation in that language. Within this climate, about half of all language shifts are directed towards English, instead of French, Quebec sole official language since 1974. As a minority in Quebec but a considerable and organized majority in Canada, the comparision between the situation of anglophone Quebecers and francophones minorities of Canada is dubious.

English speakers by birth or adoption are mostly concentrated on the west end of the Montreal island, where they have a well established network of educational, social and cultural institutions built after the Conquest. Other important communities exist in the Quebec portion of the Ottawa-Hull region and the Eastern Townships. Historically, this community has given its loyalty to Britain and finally broke ties with this nation after the Second World War like the rest of English Canada.

Since the rise of Québec as a society mainly controlled by its French-speaking majority, the anglophone community is increasingly bilingual English-French and even trilingual.



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