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[[:Category:Authors-{{{3}}}|Authors {{{3}}}]]


  • [[:w:{{{1}}}|Wikipedia]]
  • [[:s:en:Author:{{{1}}}|Wikisource]]
  • [[:gb:{{{1}}}|Google Books]]
  • [[:ol:{{{1}}}|Open Library]]
  • [[:ia:{{{1}}}|Internet Archive]]
  • [[:vigile:{{{1}}}|Vigile.net]]
  • [[:css:{{{1}}}|Class. des sc. sociales]]
  • [[:biblio:{{{1}}}|Biblio. indépendantiste]]


Bandeau ombre claire.png

Template for authors's pages

  • First parameter = the name of the author. The name is displayed in bold and is used to create the links to Wikipedia and Wikiquote.
  • Second parameter = name of the author, without accents. This parameter is used for the index key and automatically sorts all categories using {{DEFAULTSORT}}
  • Third parameter = first letter of the name
  • Fourth parameter = A few words on the author
  • Fifth parameter = name of the page in Wikipedia (optional: use only if the name of the author is different from the Wikipedia page (for example if it is a disambiguation)

It is not necessary to add the categories Authors and Authors-{{{Letter}}} to authors' pages: this template adds them automatically.