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# [[w:Joseph Papineau|Joseph Papineau]], Esquire, dean of the notaries in this province, and one of the two surviving members of the first Parliament of Lower Canada. At his patriarchal age, 82 years old, still enjoying all the strength of his genius, he has the joy to see his son, the Speaker of the House of Assembly, walk in his footsteps in the parliamentary career, and to see the people and the youth of the country adopt and follow the principles that he defended in and out of Parliament.
# [[w:Jacques Viger|Jacques Viger]], first [[w:Mayor of Montreal|Mayor of Montreal]], and the Council of the City of Montreal. May they continue as well as they have started.
# [[w:Bonaventure Panet|Bonaventure Panet]], from [[Lachenaie]], on one of the two surviving members of the first Parliament of this country. The new [[w:Cincinnatus|Cincinnatus]], after having served his country on the hustings and in the camps, he now dedicates his old days to the cultivation of the land that feeds him.
# W.L. Mackenzie, Esquire, first Mayor in Upper Canada and the City Council of Toronto; There as here and in Quebec City, the people distinguished themselves by their judicious choice in the composition of the first municipal corp.
# The [[w:Liberty of the press|liberty of the press]] and the Liberal presses of the country and in the neighbouring provinces.


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