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These toasts were intermingled by music, and several speeches were pronounced, among others by the Mayor and Messrs [[w:Thomas Storrow Brown|T.S. Brown]], [[C.-O. Perrault]], de Bleury, [[w:Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine|Lafontaine]], [[E.-E. Rodier]], (these last three being Members of Parliament,) Dr. [[w:Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan|O'Callaghan]], [[Létourneux]], (member of the Canadian House,) [[Sicotte]], Turney, Senr. [[Laberge]], Dr. [[Vallée]] and [[Gosselin]]. The President and Messrs O'Callaghan, and E.-E. Rodier had to occasion to address the meeting several times.
Some songs were sung by the Mayor, Mr. Turney, and several other ''messieursMessieurs''. Mr. [[w:George-Étienne Cartier|George Cartier]] also sang a song he had composed for the occasion. The following verses, whose author kept anonymous, were delivered to the president who read them.
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