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Notes of Alexis de Tocqueville in Lower Canada

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:So the interests of religion came to be opposed to the government and in harmony with those of the people. Hence whenever we have had to struggle with the English, the clergy have been at our head or in our ranks. They have continued to be loved and respected by all.
:So far from being opposed to ideas of liberty, they have preached themselves. All the measures we have taken to promote [[w:Public education|public education]], which have been pretty well forced through against the will of the English government, have been supported by the clergy. In Canada it is the [[w:Protestants|Protestants]] who support [[w:Aristocracy|aristocratic]] notions. The [[w:Catholics|Catholics]] have been accused of being [[w:Demagogy|demagogues]]. What makes me suppose that the political color of our priests is peculiar to Canada, is that the priests who occasionally arrive here from France show, on the contrary, a compliance and docility towards authority which we cannot understand.
*Q. Are morals [[w:chaste|chaste]] in Canada?


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