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===Conversation with Mr. Quiblier, Father Superior of the Seminary at Montreal.===
Mr. [[ Quiblier]] struck us as a good-hearted and enlightened cleric. He is a Frenchman who came from France a few years ago.
* He. - I do not think there is a happier people in the world than the Canadians. They have very gentle manners, neither civil nor religious dissensions, and they pay no taxes.
*Q. But isn't there here something that remains of the [[w:Feudal system|feudal system]]?*A. Yes, but it is rather a name than anything else. The greater part of Canada is still divided into ''[[w:Seigneurial system of New France|seigneuries]]''. Those who inhabit or buy a land on these ''seigneuries'' must pay a rent to the seigneur as well as mutation taxes. But the rent is really nothing. The seigneur has not no honorific privilege, no superiority whatsoever on his ''censitaire''. I think he is towards him in a less elevated position than the European owner over his farmer.
*Q. How are religious needs covered for?
*A. No. In Canada we only have convents for girls. And again the religious ladies live quite the active life, raising children or caring for the sick.
*Q. Do you have [[w:Freedom of the press|freedom of the press]]?
*A. A complete and limitless freedom.
*A. Yes. But slowly and little by little. It does not have this adventurous spirit or this scorn for birth and family ties which characterize the Americans. The Canadian goes as far as the extremity of his church's bell and his parents will settle as close as possible. However the movement is great, as I was saying, and it will centuplicate I think with the increase of knowledge.
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===Conversation with Messrs Mondelet===


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