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*Q. Is it true the Indians have a predilection for the French?
*A. Yes, it is undeniable. The French who are perhaps the people who best preserves his their original trace, and yet who more easily bears for a while bear the mores, ideas, and prejudices of those among whom he livesthey live. That is by becoming Indians that you obtained from the Indians an affection that still endures.
*Q. What has happened to the Hurons who showed such a constant affection for the French and played such a great role in the history of the colony?
A. They assimilated little by little. They were however the greatest Indian nation on this continent. They could arm up to 60,000 men. You see what remains. We think that almost all the Indians of North America have the same origin. There are only the Esquimaux from the Hudson Bay who evidently belong to another race. There, all is different: language, canoes... I was telling you a little earlier of your aptitude to become Indians. In Canada we had mostly such a race of men now almost entirely extinguished who were excellent in this matter. There They were the agents of the fur trade known as the ''Voyageurs''. The They were recruited among the whole population. I do not believe that intrepidity and spirit of adventure was even pushed further. They were surprising and subjugating the Indians themselves in their forests.
Mr. Richard, Catholic priest, is sent ot to the Congress by a protestant population. Mr. Neilson is protestant, and sent to the Commons of Canada by a Catholic population. Do these facts prove that religion is better understood or that its strength is weakening? They prove, I think, one and the other.
== 28th August 1831 - Village of Lorette, near Quebec ==


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