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Notes of Alexis de Tocqueville in Lower Canada

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{{Refa|3}} The Conquest occurred in 1760 and was confirmed in international law with the 1763 Treaty of Paris in which the King of France ceded Canada to the King of Great Britain.
{{Refa|4}} John Neilson here refers to mass education, specifically, mass literacy which was non-existent under the French regime and most other regimes of the same period. There of course was an education system in the time of New Franceand it compared favorably to that of many other colonies.
{{Refa|5}} ''The Vindicator'', originally the ''Irish Vindicator and Canada General Advertiser'' was founded in 1828 by [[Daniel Tracey]] from Ireland. It was the voice of the ''Society of the Friends of Ireland'' in the province. However, when Tocqueville visited, the newspaper was (since 1829) co-owned by Ludger Duvernay, Denis-Benjamin Viger, Édouard-Raymond Fabre, Jacob de Witt and a few members of the Perrault family. The newspaper supported the patriotic cause of Ireland and that of Lower Canada and Upper Canada.


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