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[...] At the moment of my assermentation speech as Premier, in January 1996, I summarized in a word the situation that all could observe. This word was: difficult. Difficult, the life of hundreds of thousands of Quebecers, women and men, deprived of employment or plunged into precariousness; difficult to revive the economy; difficult to put an end to decades of governmental budgets financed by deficits; difficult to manage a State stripped of any capacity to make development choices.
It is then that I called upon the help of [[Wikipedia:Senecathe Younger|Seneca]], politician, writer and Roman philosopher. Seneca, who said: "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult."
Thus, it appeared that the response to "difficult", that was, that had to be the words "to dare". Well! we have dared.
[...] Remember the teaching of [[Wikipedia:Seneca the Younger|Seneca]]. The antidote is "to dare". We have already done it, to the greatest confusion of skeptics.
My friends, we shall dare once again. From now, we dare putting at the forefront of public debate the question of the political future of Quebec.


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