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==The ''Patriotes'' ==
[[Image:OCallaghan.jpg|thumb|Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, doctor and patriot leader]]Enemies of always of the English, the Irish naturally sided with the [[Wikipedia:Patriote movement|''Patriotes'']] during the 19th century. "The green color on the flag of the ''Patriotes'' was a way of recognizing the massive presence of the Irish in the ranks of the rebellion", indicates Mrs. O' Gallagher.
Doctor [[Wikipedia:Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan|Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan]], an Irishman, is a close friend of [[Wikipedia:Louis-Joseph Papineau|Louis-Joseph Papineau]], the historical leader of the patriotic movement of Lower Canada. "He was the editor of a patriotic newspaper in Montreal. One had to be wary not to say bad things on the account of the ''Patriotes'' in front of him, because that irritated him much", adds the historian.


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