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Second Manifesto

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{{title|Second Manifesto|[[Louis-Joseph Papineau]]|May 15, 1848<br /><br />Translated by [[User:Mathieugp|Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote ]] from:<br /><br />''[[biblio:Deuxième manifeste|Deuxième manifeste]]''}}
[[Image:The-quebec-mercury.jpg|thumb|left|200px|''The Quebec Mercury'', first issue of the ''Tory'' newspaper, January 5, 1805]]Nothing would be more compromising for an honest man than to be praised, often and highly, by rascals. Nothing would tend to ruin more quickly a reputation of political integrity, of devotion to the cause of justice, freedom and the rights of the people, than to deserve a word of praise, to get a second compliment from ''[[The Transcript]]'', or any other section of the [[Wikipedia:Tory|Tory]] press of [[Wikipedia:Lower Canada|Lower Canada]], such as it has been on the whole, since the first page of ''[[Wikipedia:Quebec Mercury|The Mercury]]'' to the last lucubration of ''[[The Courier]]''. It is to thwart such a perfidious tactic, it is to push back such an offencive praise, as the one which the slanderous sheet, ''The Transcript'', gives me by publishing that I said to a delegation of Irish fellow-citizens, that understood that the object of their meeting was concerned with foreign countries alone, and not Canada, I did not want to take any part in it, that I decided to give an account of the interview which I had with them.

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