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1837 and my connection with it

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{{title|1837 and my connection with it|[[Thomas Storrow Brown]]|April 18691898<br /><br />Quebec City, Raoul Renault, Publisher<br />(originally published in the ''New Dominion Monthly''in April 1869)}}
Born in [[wikipedia:St. Andrews, New Brunswick|St. Andrews]], Province of [[wikipedia:New Brunswick|New Brunswick]], I am a "good Tory," and not of a Revolutionary stock. My father's father, a [[wikipedia:Boston|Boston]] merchant, sacrificed his all for the Royal cause, and left for [[wikipedia:Halifax|Halifax]] with General [[wikipedia:Thomas Gage|Gage]], when Boston was evacuated, in 1776. My mother's mother emigrated from [[Postmouth]] to New Brunswick, with a daughter married to Captain [[Storrow]], of the British army, from whom my name was taken. She was a "Wentworth," cousin to [[wikipedia:John Wentworth (governor)|John Wentworth]] (afterwards Sir John, [[wikipedia:Governor of Nova Scotia|Governor of Nova Scotia]]), the last Royal Governor of [[wikipedia:New Hampshire|New Hampshire]]; niece to Sir [[wikipedia:Benning Wentworth|Berning]], his predecessor; and granddaughter to [[wikiedia:John Wentworth (Lieutenant-Governor)|John Wentworth]], who preceded him. These three "Wentworths" - father, son, and grandson, - having governed New Hampshire for more than forty years.

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