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Second Manifesto

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[[Image:Old-irish-parliament.jpg|thumb|Building hosting the Irish Parliament abolished by the 1800 Act of Union]]I was being invited to become the president chairman of a public meeting to request the recall of the oppressive [[Wikipedia:Act of Union 1800|Act of Union of Ireland]], and to express our sharp sympathies, for the heroism with which the French people destroyed a corrupting [[Wikipedia:monarchy|monarchy]], made a bonfire out of a throne whose ashes, blowned over the world by a favourable breeze, with the Westward wind of America, with the wind of freedom, started the burning of so many other thrones; and for the sublime moderation with which this people forgives the vanquished tyrants. These truths, I had called them holy. I had been made their apostle; I had preached them. I was bound by the public, as by my conscience to make constant efforts to have them prevail, and I could have given an answer as wretched as the one which the ''Transcript'' charges on me! It is for that that I am praised! astute praise; atrocious lie, which proves the imbecility of the one who believed such a news report, or the corruption of the heart, the perfidy and intriguing mind of the one or the ones who invented and accredited it.
If I were capable of such a contemptible selfishness, of such a disgusting servilism, I would be worthy of falling to what I consider the lowest degree of the social scale: worthy to become, not by need and or to win my bread, something to which an honest but unfortunate man could be reduced, to become, says I, a ''garçon-typographe-volontaire'' (what the courtesy of the English language would call a "volunteer devil") in the printing works of ''The Transcript''.
The paper's tale is of infernal origin, since ''The Transcript'' ensures the readers that [[Wikipedia:Beelzebub|Beelzebub]] alone knows where the delegation came from. It is the editor's devotion to such a boss who undoubtedly hired him to become his servant and his echo, since he publishes, as truth, the lie to which he attributes such an origin. He believes it true because it comes from from where the majority of his inspirations and inventions come from, his discoveries and his denunciations in nocturnal assemblies, as real and criminal as were those of the sorcerers' Sabbath. The last ones who were judicially burned in Europe were so in England!

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