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* [ ''Quebec's Quest for Sovereignty and Partnership''], Conference at the Centre for Canadian Studies, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, March 20, 2001* [ ''Québec's Right to Secessionist Self-Determination'']* [ ''Don't buy Stéphane Dion's response to the secession ruling''] (1999)* [ ''Proposed National Constitution of Québec''] (French)
* [ Daniel Turp's Web Site]
* [ Older site still online]
* Excerpt of ''[[ of Why-I Am-a Separatist-by Marcel-Chaput/dp/0837181070/ref=sr_1_2/104-9226550-6557524?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1180064785&sr=8-2 ''|Why I Am a Separatist]]''], Ryerson Press, 1961, 101 pages
* [[Wikipedia:Parti républicain du Québec|Parti républicain du Québec]], in Wikipedia
* ''[[Manifesto of the Rassemblement pour l'indépendance nationale]]'', 1960
* ''[[The FLQ: Our Position]]'', 1963
* ''[[Individual Bilingualism and Collective Bilingualism]]'', 1980
* [[Books]] by André D'Allemagne
[[Image:Hubert-Aquin.jpg|thumb|Hubert Aquin, writer, editor, director, producer]]
''Biography in Wikipedia'': ''[[Wikipedia:Hubert Aquin|Hubert Aquin]]''
* Excerpt of ''[[Excerpt of La fatigue culturelle du Canada français by Hubert Aquin|La fatigue culturelle du Canada français]]'', 1962
* "Form and (Dis-)contentAnthony George Purdy. [http: The Writer, Language, and Society in the Essays of Hubert Aquin", <br />by Anthony Purdy, in The French Review, Vol/books. 59, Nogoogle. 6, Special Issue on ca/books?id=llCNd3O-sJEC ''Writing Quebec (May, 1986), pp. 885-893Selected Essays by Hubert Aquin''] &mdash; 1988* Douglas Glover, . [ B6E031BAECE2FD40.html ''Difficulty and Revolution''] * Patricia Smart, . ''Hubert Aquin agent double'' &mdash; 1973* Gordon Sheppard, . ''HA! A Self-Murder Mystery'' &mdash; 2003
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