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Second Manifesto

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The interest of the [[Wikipedia:Slave ship|slave trader]] is to have a short passage and to sell a complete and healthy cargo. The interest of the Stanley, Palmerston, Blake and others of their caste and their temperament, is to drive out of their vast Irish fields those whom they made poor and which who can no longer pay them. The more the vessel which carries them is encumbered, the more the field and the heart of the ''mauvais riche '' is alleviated, and the more the income is increased. They cannot enforce, do they inform us officially, their law which would tend to prevent the congestion. They "do not want" to have it enforced. They obtain profit and pleasure from it being eluded. From there, the expressed angers of Stanley against our colonial law. From there the hyperbolic lowness of [[Wikipedia:Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey|Grey]] and all his colleagues, blaming the last colonial law passed according to their instructions. Here is the responsible government in its source, in all its sincerity, its benevolence, or its nudity as one will want to call it! Should we be astonished that he be so thickened of blood and and mud when it is back in [[Wikipedia:Sandwich, Kent|Sandwich]] to chose representatives who understand and recommend him!

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