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This is an incomplete list of individual militants of the independence of Quebec, past and present.
Among the contemporaries, many were artists, such as Gaston Miron, Gérald Godin, Pauline Julien, Michel Chartrand, Andrée Ferretti, and others who were arrested without charges during the [[Wikipedia:October Crisis|October Crisis]] of 1970.(See our [[translations of poems and lyrics]].)
===Michel Seymour, philosopher===
* Michel Seymour's [ personal web site]
* [ Québec ''Nationalism and Canadian Federalism''], January 2001
* [ Exchange of letters between Michel Seymour and readers of the Inroads journal], NovemberNov.-December Dec. 2000
* [ ''On Redefining the Nation''] (PDF)
* [ ''Québec and Canada at the Crossroads: A Nation within a Nation''] (PDF)
* [ ''Quebec's Quest for Sovereignty and Partnership''], Conference at the Centre for Canadian Studies, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, March 20, 2001* [ ''Québec's Right to Secessionist Self-Determination'']* [ ''Don't buy Stéphane Dion's response to the secession ruling''] (1999)* [ ''Proposed National Constitution of Québec''] (French)
* [ Daniel Turp's Web Site]
* [ Older site still online]
* Excerpt of ''[[ of Why-I Am-a Separatist-by Marcel-Chaput/dp/0837181070/ref=sr_1_2/104-9226550-6557524?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1180064785&sr=8-2 ''|Why I Am a Separatist]]''], Ryerson Press, 1961, 101 pages
* [[Wikipedia:Parti républicain du Québec|Parti républicain du Québec]], in Wikipedia
* ''[[Manifesto of the Rassemblement pour l'indépendance nationale]]'', 1960
* ''[[The FLQ: Our Position]]'', 1963
* ''[[Individual Bilingualism and Collective Bilingualism]]'', 1980
* [[Books]] by André D'Allemagne
[[Image:Hubert-Aquin.jpg|thumb|Hubert Aquin, writer, editor, director, producer]]
''Biography in Wikipedia'': ''[[Wikipedia:Hubert Aquin|Hubert Aquin]]''
* Excerpt of ''[[Excerpt of La fatigue culturelle du Canada français by Hubert Aquin|La fatigue culturelle du Canada français]]'', 1962
* "Form and (Dis-)contentAnthony George Purdy. [http: The Writer, Language, and Society in the Essays of Hubert Aquin", <br />by Anthony Purdy, in The French Review, Vol/books. 59, Nogoogle. 6, Special Issue on ca/books?id=llCNd3O-sJEC ''Writing Quebec (May, 1986), pp. 885-893Selected Essays by Hubert Aquin''] &mdash; 1988* Douglas Glover, . [ B6E031BAECE2FD40.html ''Difficulty and Revolution''] * Patricia Smart, . ''Hubert Aquin agent double'' &mdash; 1973* Gordon Sheppard, . ''HA! A Self-Murder Mystery'' &mdash; 2003
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