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Notes of Alexis de Tocqueville in Lower Canada

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==27th August 1831==
[[Image:NeilsonJohn-neilson-profil.jpg|thumb|John Neilson, member of Parliament in Lower Canada]]Conversation with Mr. [[Wikipedia:John Neilson|Neilson]]
Mr. Neilson is a Scot. Born in Canada [''sic''](1) and related by marriage to French Canadians, he speaks French as easily as his own language. Mr. Neilson, although a foreigner, may be regarded as one of the leaders of the French Canadians in all their struggles with the English government. Although he is a Protestant, for fifteen years continuously the French Canadians have elected him as a member of the House of Assembly. He has been an ardent supporter of all measures favouring the French Canadians. He with two others was sent in 1825 [''sic''](2) to England to plead for redress of grievances. Mr. Neilson has a lively and original turn of mind. The antithesis between his birth and his social position leads sometimes to strange contrasts in his ideas and in his conversation.


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