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A Biographical Sketch of the Hon. Louis Joseph Papineau, <br/>Speaker of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada, <br/>printed at the Sentinel Office in Saratoga Springs, 1838----
Justum et tenacem propositi virum <br/>
Non civium ardor prava jubentium, <br/>
Si fractus illabatur orbis, <br/>
Impavidum ferient ruinae. <br/>
:::::::''Horace, B. 3, Ode 3.'' <br/> 
The name of the individual who forms the subject of this brief memoir, has for many years been before the public, and is now familiar with all men's tongues. It will not, therefore, be uninteresting to the American public, to learn a few particulars of one who, by his devotion to American principles, has made himself at once dreaded by the British government, and beloved by the great mass of the people of the Canadas, where he has been, for over a quarter of a century, the steady, unpurchased and unpurchasable champion of democracy.


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