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Con arguments

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Favorite targets
===Favorite targets===
* [[Wikipedia:Parti Québécois |Parti Québécois]] leaders [[Wikipedia:René Lévesque|René Lévesque]], [[Wikipedia:Jacques Parizeau|Jacques Parizeau]], [[Wikipedia:Lucien Bouchard|Lucien Bouchard ]] and [[Wikipedia:Bernard Landry|Bernard Landry]]* 19th century Conservative Catholic nationalist [[Wikipedia:Lionel Groulx|Lionel Groulx]] accused of antisemitism* Free thinker and social democrat [[Wikipedia:Yves Michaud|Yves Michaud ]] who dared publicly state that [[Yves Michaud's letter to the Canadian Jewish Congress|Groulx was not antisemitic]]
* Quebec's national symbols, its flag, its national holiday, its heroes
* Quebec's institutions, its elected representatives, its language policy, its immigration policy, its economic policy

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