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===Marcel Chaput, biochemist, founding member of RIN and the Parti républicain ===
[[Image:Chaput.jpg|thumb|Marcel Chaput, biochemist and RIN co-founder and biochemist]]
''Biography in Wikipedia'': ''[[Wikipedia:Marcel Chaput|Marcel Chaput]]''
* [[Wikipedia:Parti républicain du Québec|Parti républicain du Québec]], in Wikipedia
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===André D'Allemagne, political science professor, essayist, translator founding member of RIN ===
[[Image:Dallemagne.jpg|thumb|André D'Allemagne, political science professor and RIN co-founder]]
''Biography in Wikipedia'': ''[[Wikipedia:André D'Allemagne|André D'Allemagne]]''
* [[Manifesto of the Rassemblement pour l'indépendance nationale]], 1960
* [[The FLQ: Our Position]], 1963
* [[Books]] by André D'Allemagne
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