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* Jean-François Lisée's online publications [ in English] and [ French]
* [ ''Québec 2006: An Overview''], Association of International Educators Conference, Montreal, May 2006 (Power Point Presentation)* [ ''The French fact in Québec and Canada: The Hidden Storm''], Conference at the American University Summer Institute, Washington D.C., June 2004(Power Point Presentation)
* [ ''Taking the doctor's pulse: how to misdiagnose the Quebec problem''], A review of Charles F. Doran's "Why Canadian Unity Matters and Why Americans Care - Democratic Pluralism at Risk", published in Isuma - Canadian Review of Policy Research, Vol 3 No 2, Fall 2002, pp 129-132
* [ ''How to avert Quebec's decline''], in ''The Gazette'' February 2000
* [ Books] by Jean-François Lisée
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