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=====Amerindian & Inuit=====
* Denys Lamontagne, ''Aboriginal Quebec by Denys Lamontagne'', Ulysses Travel Guides; 1 edition (June 1998), 224 pages ISBN 2980511110* Ann Vick-Westgate, ''Nunavik: Inuit Controlled Education in Arctic Quebec'', University of Calgary Press (May 2002), 416 pages ISBN 1552380564
* Bill Marshall , [ ''Quebec National Cinema''], McGill-Queen's University Press (December 2000) 371 pages ISBN 077352116X
* Janis L. Pallister, ''The Cinema of Quebec: Masters in Their Own House'', Fairleigh Dickinson University Press (December 1995), 599 pages ISBN 0838635628
* Michael A. Weinstein, ''Culture Critique: Fernand Dumont and New Quebec Sociology'', Palgrave Macmillan (December 1985) ISBN 0312178840* Annie Brisset, A Sociocritique of Translation: Theatre and Alterity in Quebec, 1968-1988, University of Toronto Press (September 3, 1996), 238 pages ISBN 0802005330
* Passport's Guide to Ethnic Montreal: A Complete Guide to the Many Faces & Cultures of Montreal
* Postmodernism and the Quebec Novel
===Other Nationalisms===
* Stephen Azzi, [ Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism] by Stephen Azzi
* Nations Against the State: The New Politics of Nationalism in Quebec, Catalonia, and Scotland
* Baltic Independence and Russian Empire
* Basque Nationalism
* Toleration and State Institutions: British Policy Toward Catholics in Eighteenth-Century Ireland and Quebec by Karen Stanbridge
* Roger De La Garde, ''Small Nations, Big Neighbour: Denmark and Quebec/Canada Compare Notes on American Popular Culture'', J. Libbey (January 1993), 239 pages ISBN 0861963431
===Politics & Law===

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