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3 - Your knowledge of the Quebec public life seems to be imperfect. The [ B'Nai Brith regional office for Quebec], headed by Mr. [[Wikipedia:Robert Libman|Robert Libman]], suggested that the [[Wikipedia:Lionel-Groulx (Montreal Metro)|Lionel-Groulx Metro station]] in Montreal be unbaptized and that the name of it should be that of a former Prime Minister of Israel. Groulx was the headlight and the intellectual guide of two generations of French Canadians, who have become Quebecers. This proposal was and still is perceived as a supreme insult and a blow to the memory of a venerated person in the history of Quebec. To dare such thing, in my eyes and those of a number of my compatriots, is an extremism getting close to anti-Quebec racism. I do not know, unless I am wrong, that your organization has denounced this insult to our memory.
The very same day that my intention to be candidate for nomination in the [[Wikipedia:Mercier (provincial electoral district)|Mercier riding]] became public, the same B'Nai Brith regional office for Quebec directed by Robert Libman called me a "dinosaur" and invited the [[Wikipedia:Premier of Quebec|Premier of Quebec]] to invalidate my candidature in virtue of his position as president of the [[Wikipedia:|Parti québécois]]. As if the B'Nai Brith had assumed the power to designate the candidates for nomination of a political party when its director is a ferocious and keen adversary of the said party. You'll admit that, in terms of "having the nerve to", it would be difficult to do better! Mr. Libman, moreover, is a "[[Wikipedia:Partition of Quebec|partitionist]]" Zealot, i.e. a proponent of the cutting-up of the Quebec territory if the majority of its people voted "yes" to sovereignty in a forthcoming referendum. Wrongly or rightly so, this stance is interpreted by several Quebecers as a call to confrontation which could take the form of a kind of civil war, although the débonnaire pacifism of Quebecers is hardly inclined to this kind of activity. It even happens sometimes the that this people pushes the tolerance as far as to ask forgiveness to those who insult them!
4 - For more than two centuries, the generosity of the Quebec people (an "[[Wikipedia:ethnic group|ethnic group]]", - if the word is not sacrilege - that not only founded Quebec but also Canada) has had no limit toward all the citizens who live on its territory, without concern for their confession, colour and origins. That being said, it has indeed happened in the past, on its territory and in that of Canada, that certain forms of [[Wikipedia:ostracism|ostracism]] be applied against the nationals of Jewish confession, in particular the refusal to admit them in universities and select clubs, but that was the fact of the English-Canadian "ethnic group". I imagine that in this respect your files are an inexhaustible source of consultation and information.


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